Converting Vehicles to Propane Autogas in Austin

Making the Conversion to Propane Vehicles in Austin

Local Austin residents are always looking for more affordable, eco-friendly options for fueling their vehicles. For many people, including the City of Austin government, propane autogas is the answer. It has become so popular that propane is now the third most common fuel in the world.

Converting vehicles to propane in Austin is easier than most people think. Propane is safer than gas, and engines components have been specially designed to retrofit many trucks and vans that are already in use. All it takes is 13 components to convert a vehicle from gasoline to propane. The new propane tank can be installed either under the vehicle or in the bed of a truck.

More companies and governments are deciding to make the switch to propane-powered vehicles because:

  • Propane is a cleaner burning fuel that emits less greenhouse gases and 60% less carbon monoxide than gasoline.
  • Propane has historically been 30% cheaper than gas and diesel.
  • There are also federal incentive programs that make propane autogas even more affordable.
  • There is less maintenance cost and engine life is extended.
  • 90% of propane is produced in the U.S.

Commercial propane in Austin is readily supplied by Pinnacle Propane. We offer businesses and local governments in the Austin area a wide selection of refill options, and our experts are fully equipped to help you with your vehicle conversions.