Austin Propane Bottle Cylinder Filling Service 101

Austin Propane Bottle Services – Cylinder Filling Information

Pinnacle is increasing propane sales in Austin because we give customers more ways to keep their bottles and cylinders full. You can exchange your cylinders or you can refill them so you keep the bottle you’ve been using. Pinnacle Propane in Austin, TX is equipped to quickly refill many different types and sizes of cylinders.

The Propane Cylinder Refilling Process

Here’s what to expect when you use our Austin propane bottle services instead of exchanging the cylinder.

  • A technician will visually inspect the cylinder to ensure that it’s safe to use. They will look for rust, damage, pitting, markings, certification labeling and the condition of the components.
  • They will check the water capacity to know how many pounds of propane the cylinder holds.
  • The tare weight will also be checked.
  • The scale will be set based on the water capacity. (For forklift refilling the bleeder valve will be used in place of the scale.)
  • The hose end nozzle will be hooked up to the cylinder.
  • The technician will open the bleeder valve and reset the meter before pumping propane into the bottle until its full.
  • Depending on the company’s liability policies the technician may help to load the full cylinder in your vehicle.

Refill Your Own Propane Cylinders and Bottles

At Pinnacle Propane commercial customers have the option to refill their own cylinders on their schedule. Our Austin filling stations allow you to refill bottles anytime you need. Staff members are on hand at all stations to offer assistance and ensure that the refilling process is safe.

Pinnacle Propane in Austin, TX offers you more ways to keep your bottles full, including regularly scheduled service. It’s all about having the choice to select the propane refilling option that’s easiest for you.