Austin Texas Propane Fleet Successes

Vehicles play a big role in the public services provided by the City of Austin. Austin propane delivery has surged over the last decade as more local government entities add propane-powered vehicles to their fleet. Two of the most successful propane fleets in the Austin metro area are the Austin ISD school bus system and the Williamson County Police Department.

Austin ISD Propane-Powered School Buses

When faced with a $5.4 billion budget cut several years ago, Texas schools had to look for more ways to make significant savings. One way that numerous school districts are saving thousands is by using propane autogas buses. As of 2013 there were a total of 2,078 propane-powered buses in operation. These buses have helped 75 school districts save millions in fuel costs. Dallas ISD has the largest fleet, but Austin ISD also has a noteworthy infrastructure for propane autogas buses.

Williamson County Police Department Autogas Vehicles

In 2013 the Williamson County PD converted 22 Chevy Tahoes in their fleet into bi-fuel vehicles. The county’s propane fleet also includes emergency vehicles and two Bobcat ATVs. The police department used a grant from the Department of Energy to help fund the conversions and the addition of five propane fueling stations. The department says that it is now saving close to $70,000 a year on fuel costs. Another benefit of the conversion is that Williamson County PD is now getting fuel that is produced within the state of Texas.

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