Texas Laws and Incentives for Propane in Austin

In regards to commercial and residential propane, Austin, TX was an early adopter of the technology. Residents, businesses and the local government have used cleaner burning, affordable propane to power their homes, offices and vehicles for years. Now propane is widely used across the entire state of Texas.

In an effort to regulate and promote its use, the state has created laws and incentives surrounding propane use. Keep reading for an overview of the current state mandates.

Propane Laws in Texas

Propane Taxes – Tax Code 162.305 outlines how propane motor fuel taxes are obtained and calculated.

Requirements for Alternative Fuel Use and Vehicle Acquisition – This covers regulations for autogas fleets used by state agencies.

Propane and Natural Gas Safety Regulations – Natural Resources Code 113.011 and 116.011 provides information on the safety regulations that must be adhered to by the natural gas and propane industries.

Propane Incentives in Texas

There are currently six incentive programs available in Texas. They include:

  • Alternative Fueling Infrastructure Grants
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Rebates
  • Clean Vehicle and Infrastructure Grants
  • Clean Fleet Grants
  • Clean School Bus Program
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Propane) Vehicle and Equipment Incentive

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