Guide for First-Time Austin Propane Tank Users

If you are a new to using propane tanks in Austin or thinking about making the switch to propane you probably have a number of questions about how the service works. This guide provides essential information for Austin propane delivery, refills and use.

Leasing Versus Buying the Propane Tank

One of the first decisions Austin customers have to make is whether they will lease or own their tank. Pinnacle Propane offers both options. The main difference other than the cost of purchasing is that tanks which are owned can be filled by any company, whereas the leased tank can only be filled by the company that owns it. If you are renting or buying a home there should be a sticker on the tank that indicates if it is owned by a company.

Request a Safety Inspection

Companies like Pinnacle Propane offer free safety inspections to ensure that existing equipment can be used. The entire system will be tested and the customer should be present so that the technician can point out all of the components and how they work.

Keep Your Propane Tank Full

In order to maintain your power supply you’ll have to keep the propane tank filled. Propane tanks in Austin can be refilled by our technicians upon request, or you can choose automatic delivery. Having a variety of refill options is an important part of choosing a provider to ensure you have services that fit your schedule. If you won’t be present during the refill you will need to let the company know where the septic tank is located, if there are overhead power lines and if you have a sprinkler system in your yard.

Contact an Expert If You Suspect a Leak

Anytime you smell gas or suspect that a leak is present you should alert your provider as soon as possible. During the safety inspection ask the technician to let you smell the propane so you can easily identify it.

If you have any questions about using propane to power your home, business or vehicle give Pinnacle Propane a call.