Austin Saves Thousands Every Year by Switching to Propane Autogas

Austin Propane Fueled Fleet Helps the City Save Thousands

Austin is well known as a leader in green energy, and the city’s vehicle fleet is no different. The city began using propane to power vehicles and mowers 16 years ago, being ahead of the curve on a trend that is now catching on nationwide. ProCOT notes that more and more businesses and local governments in Texas are beginning to convert to propane autogas vehicles because it is an affordable, cleaner burning fuel that is just as efficient as gas and easier on engines.

The City of Austin’s Propane-Powered Fleet

The city of Austin saves an estimated 30-50% annually on fuel, which equates to $299,200 a year thanks to using propane autogas in 224 vehicles and 36 mowers. The propane-powered vehicles and equipment are used by numerous departments, and city officials say that there are plans to add more in coming years. Propane sales in Austin have been on the rise, thanks in part to the 120,000 gallons of autogas that are used by the city every year.

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