Auto Gas Partner Programs

Pinnacle Propane can provide your organization with complete autogas solutions. As one of the most cost-effective forms of fuel, autogas is also better for the environment and your energy security as a cleaner burning fuel than gasoline that is made right here in the USA.

Propane autogas, the term for propane when fueling an on-road vehicle, has the attention of fleet and transportation managers around the country, because it helps you meet your most important objectives:

  • Economics
  • Energy Security
  • Environmental Safety and Sustainability

We are your partner throughout the entire process, including identifying the best fuel options and technology, to installation at one of our Certified Conversion Centers as well as ongoing service and support of your autogas powered fleet of vehicles. Whether your needs are for a fleet of vans, buses, cars, trucks or all of these, the Pinnacle Propane Autogas Partner Program is uniquely designed to give you a partner in the process that is focused on your success.

As an elite Alliance AutoGas Partner, Pinnacle Propane and Alliance AutoGas deliver America’s only complete program to transition fleets to autogas. Pinnacle Propane makes it easy and affordable to enable your business to start using a clean fuel to save money and reduce dependence on foreign oil. The Pinnacle Propane Autogas Program includes vehicle technology, EPA-certified conversions, refueling infrastructure, data integration, fuel supply, and all the training you need to keep your fleet up and running safely on autogas. In addition, Pinnacle Propane can provide options to convert your fleet at no upfront costs.

We provide you with a single point of contact for a complete AutoGas program:

We provide you with the information and tools to help identify and evaluate the best options for a fuel efficient fleet that runs green while saving you green.

Our focus is on identifying and providing the most robust and appropriate technology that is installed and serviced only through our certified conversion centers.

Following your conversion, our job is to ensure that you have a reliable source of autogas, ongoing technical and safety support and post-conversion marketing and PR support.