Landscape and Small Engines

Gasoline prices continue to rise and many landscaping and mower services companies are turning to propane powered mowers as a cost-effective, safe and high performing alternative. Lawn mowers powered by propane provide performance throughout the day, eliminating downtime and the need for frequent refueling, which enables your workforce to spend more time mowing and less time refueling than it would take with gasoline powered mowers. With fuel savings of 30% or more, it is easy to see why so many landscape professionals are moving their fleet to propane.

Plus, as one of the most cost-effective forms of fuel, propane is also better for the environment, emitting 48% less greenhouse gases and 60% less carbon monoxide than gasoline or diesel. Going green with propane is a big benefit to your business in helping you win new landscaping contracts as more and more businesses look for companies that place an emphasis on environmental protection. And as a cleaner burning fuel than gasoline that is made right here in the USA, deploying a propane-powered fleet of mowers also helps safeguard your future energy security.

Designed to help you meet your most important objectives:

  • Economical
  • Reliable and Efficient
  • Agile and Mobile
  • Environmental Safety and Sustainability

We are your partner throughout the entire process, including identifying the best options, rebates, and technology to service and support your business. Whether your needs are for conversion, or ongoing service and support, Pinnacle Propane can efficiently and cost-effectively support your needs.