Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition

Propane and the Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition

The Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition (DFWCCC) was created in response to the Energy Policy Act of 1992, which called for the reduction of foreign-supplied petroleum by way of alternative fuel vehicles. Now nearly two decades after its creation, the DFWCCC is still a leader in reducing petroleum usage and emissions.

The private/public organization promotes cleaner transportation through various means. From installing alternative refueling infrastructure to educating people on new technologies, the DFWCCC has been a driving force behind the effort to create a safer, healthier environment in north Texas. One resource the organization promotes for cleaner transportation is the propane Dallas, TX locals can use in their vehicles. Propane, also known as autogas, has been used to power vehicles for years. One of the biggest reasons propane is now being promoted is because unlike petroleum, much of our propane supply is produced in the U.S. not overseas. It’s also cheaper and helps to increase engine life while lowering greenhouse gases.

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