Benefits and Considerations of Buying Propane in Dallas

Benefits of Using Propane Fuel in Dallas, TX

If you’re looking for a cleaner, high-performance, affordable fuel propane is a very viable option. Propane, also commonly known as autogas or liquefied petroleum gas, is currently used to power over 147,000 vehicles in the U.S. Many more public and fleet vehicles are making the switch to propane transportation fuel because it’s cheaper and offers additional benefits such as:

  • Improved energy security – less dependency on foreign oil
  • Improved public health – burns cleaner, releasing fewer emissions and greenhouse gases
  • Improved environmental safety – nontoxic, water soluble
  • Improved performance – propane has been shown to extend engine life compared to gasoline

Last year autogas was the focus of the Propane Engine Fuel Summit, which provided a forum for experts to explain the benefits above and progress that’s being made to increase autogas usage. Now that more emphasis is being put on this alternative fuel, there is good reason to believe Dallas propane sales could rise in the near future.

Because the infrastructure for propane fuel is still limited, finding a steady supplier is an important step in using this alternative fuel. Pinnacle Propane in Dallas provides commercial, industrial and residential customers with a variety of affordable services and refill options. Give us a call to learn how we can help you keep your tank full for less.