Dallas Propane Dispenser Installation

How Propane Dispensers in Dallas, TX Work

Advances in propane fuel systems and the ready supply of cost-effective propane autogas has increased the need for more propane dispensers. Propane fuel is a cleaner alternative to gasoline that can be dispensed into vehicles using a pump system that is similar to those already found at gas stations. Keep reading to learn more about how propane dispensers are designed and installed for use in and around Dallas, TX.

Propane Dispenser System Components

As mentioned above, propane refueling systems are very similar to gas dispensaries. One major exception is the tanks that hold the propane are above ground. Other system components include:

  • Supply Containers
  • Pumps
  • Dispenser Cabinets
  • Metering Devices
  • Hoses
  • Hose-end Valves
  • Emergency Shutdown Systems

The Propane Refueling Process

Operating a propane dispenser is fairly straightforward and easy to do. If you’ve pumped gas at a regular station the process below will look very familiar.

  • Turn off all ignition sources, including electronic igniters.
  • Remove the dust cap over the fuel tank.
  • Check the seal to ensure it is in perfect working condition.
  • Remove the nozzle from the dispenser.
  • Tighten the nozzle around the filler valve of the vehicle.
  • The dispenser can then be activated with a credit card or ID card.
  • Press the start button and begin pumping by squeezing the trigger on the handle.
  • Once you’re done pumping release the handle and unscrew the nozzle from the vehicle’s filler valve.
  • Sit the nozzle back in the dispenser cabinet.
  • Replace the dust cap and you’re done.

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