Learn about the Dallas Propane Emissions

How Propane is Helping Lower Emissions in Dallas

For years propane autogas has been recognized as a cleaner alternative to gasoline. At Pinnacle Propane in Dallas we are proud to be helping individuals and businesses lower their emissions by providing clean propane fuel. Continue reading to discover what makes propane such a clean burning fuel.

What Makes Propane Such a Clean Power Source

The lower carbon content of propane makes it burn cleaner than other fuels in many regards. Propane lowers greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen. But that’s not the only environmental benefit of propane autogas. Propane is also found to have lower life cycle greenhouse emissions.

Life cycle emissions account for all of the environmental impacts of a fuel source at every stage. This includes:

  • Extraction
  • Processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Actual Use
  • Disposal

Argonne National Laboratory found that vehicles using propane generated 10% less greenhouse gases than petroleum-fueled vehicles. Call us today to learn more about Pinnacle Propane DFW propane delivery, installation and refill services. Make the switch to a cleaner power supply that’s almost half the cost of electricity!