Propane Engine Fuel Summit Hosted Near Dallas

Learn About the Future of Dallas Propane Services & Autogas

Last year the Propane Engine Fuel Summit was held in Irving, TX to bring focus on the challenges and benefits of fueling vehicles with propane autogas. The summit was a part of the Texas Alternative Energy & Transportation Conference & Expo. The event brought together people from the business sector, education and government as well as the general public in an open forum.

One very unique aspect of the summit is the fact that it is now available online for people to view for free in its entirety. The summit was video taped with the intent of making the summit discussions public so that people could learn more about how autogas helps companies save money, which businesses are providing the service, original equipment manufacturers and the present state of propane sales in Dallas along with the rest of Texas.

Pinnacle Propane in Dallas, TX is proud to be a propane provider for residential, commercial and industrial clients. We’re here to serve all those who plan to use propane autogas technology to fuel their vehicles.