Types of Propane Vehicles You’ll See in Dallas

Dallas, TX Propane Vehicles That You Drive By Daily

For many years, thousands of vehicles have used propane as a power source. You have probably seen these propane-powered vehicles on the road and didn’t even know it. Keep reading to discover more about the 147,000+ propane vehicles that are currently on the road.

Even though only 2% of the propane used in the U.S. goes towards transportation fuel, it has been recognized as a clean, affordable alternative fuel. Today more light, medium and heavy weight propane vehicles are being produced as the demand for cleaner, more fuel efficient transportation increases.

Vehicles that are commonly designed to run off of propane include:

  • Police cars
  • School buses
  • Shuttles

Some propane vehicles are made by manufacturers, while others are converted after production. Drivers can select either a dedicated propane vehicle or a bi-fuel vehicle that can run off of either propane or gasoline.

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