Houston Propane Food Trucks Allowed to Operate Downtown

Food Providers That Use Propane Vehicles in Houston Get Cleared for Downtown

Propane provides power for millions of homes and businesses, including those in the food industry. Last year the alternative fuel was the center of a debate about whether propane-fueled food trucks should be allowed to set up shop in downtown Houston.

For years food trucks had been banned from the downtown district simply because some argued that they weren’t safe. Many of the complaints came from other businesses in the area that belong to the Greater Houston Restaurant Association. Houston Mayor Annise Parker made the executive decision to allow food trucks to operate downtown in August of last year after a fire marshal opinion found trucks with tanks of 60 pounds or less to be perfectly safe.

Other restrictions are also easing and will soon allow food trucks to set up seating and possibly reduce or eliminate the regulation that requires food trucks to be at least 60 feet apart. All this is great news for the providers of commercial propane in Houston. Now that the regulations have changed there is a possibility that more propane vehicles in Houston will be in use if food trucks become more common.