Houston Switches to Propane Autogas Trucks

City of Houston Propane Trucks Will Soon be on the Road

Houston’s Fleet Management Department recently announced they have plans to purchase more propane-powered trucks in 2015. Last year the city utilized three propane autogas light-duty pickup trucks as well as 26 trucks with gaseous prep packages that allow for propane autogas conversion. This will give city officials the option of using a more affordable fuel source in coming years.

Every year the city of Houston buys 150 new trucks. The plan is to begin converting the new trucks that are purchased this year so that they run on propane autogas. Even after factoring in the upfront costs, the city has already seen substantial benefits from the three propane-powered trucks that are already in use.

City officials note that the gaseous prep packages cost an additional $350 per truck and the conversion can cost anywhere from $8,000-10,000. However, the city hopes to use grant funds to cover the expense of making the conversions. The city also stands to save thousands of dollars in the first year alone. Propane sales in Houston have shown that autogas is far more affordable than gasoline. On average it’s about $1 less per gallon compared to gasoline.

Pinnacle Propane in Houston, TX is one of the providers that are making autogas more affordable and more widely available. As demand increases customers can expect even more refilling options in more areas of Houston.