Residential Propane Services

Enjoy the perks of living in a propane-powered home.

From furnaces to broilers, gas is an essential part of a home. Propane is a viable option to keep your house warm, comfortable, and functioning at its best. At Pinnacle Propane, we offer a wide range of propane tank sizes, as well as underground propane tanks for homes of any size and homeowners in any stage of the building process.

Learn more about why propane is the best source of heat for your home.

Lease & Rent Propane Tanks

Whether you’re hosting a barbecue for the weekend or looking to make a permanent addition to your home, our propane tank leasing and rental options can help you accomplish any need.

At Pinnacle Propane, we offer multiple options for homeowners to lease or rent propane tanks. Our propane tank rental services span to tanks of all sizes to meet your needs. Our fast and friendly staff will work with you to determine the best home propane tank for your space and the best options for your budget. We can also assist in replacing propane tanks and ensure they are delivered and installed with minimal disruption to your schedule.

Our Home Propane Delivery Programs

Keep Full Program

We will provide you with balanced filling and billing, so you never have to worry about running low on propane. This program not only balances your tank but also helps balance your billing throughout the year.

Discount Program

We love rewarding our loyal customers. Sign up for our exclusive Propane Supply Commitment program to receive discounts on your next service with us.

Seasonal Price Protection Plans

During the summer months, sign up for one of our Price Protection Plans to lock in favorable pricing for winter.

Volume Discount Program

Our Volume Discount Program gives reduced pricing to those that need consistent supplies of propane, such as farm and home propane, estate propane, and ranch propane.

Builder Partner Programs

Builder Partner Program Tank Discounts

When you choose Pinnacle Propane, you are joining our team. You will get a personalized assessment of your current or planned propane usage to ensure you are getting the best size tank for your specific needs. Once your home is fitted, we will provide loyalty discounts for your continued use of our propane.

Customer Orientation

Once your home is fitted with the best tank for your needs, your friendly Pinnacle Propane specialist will walk you through everything you need to know about your new propane-powered home. Learn the in’s and out’s of your new tank and receive valuable information in a custom fact sheet and home warranty notebook.

Rebate Administration

If you are due for a rebate, your Pinnacle Propane specialist will help you fill out and file the necessary paperwork and receive the refunds you deserve.

Request a Quote

At Pinnacle Propane, we know that your home is unique. Our friendly team of propane specialists are eager to hear your needs and develop a custom plan just for you.  Request a quote today to learn more and start developing a personalized plan for your energy needs.