Texas Proposing Bill to Adopt Natural Gas Vehicles

New Texas Propane Bill Proposes an Adoption of Natural Gas Vehicles

Texas has always been a leader in the energy sector. So it comes as no surprise that the state is positioning itself to lead the way in finding a cleaner, more efficient, more affordable alternative to gasoline. Right now Texas legislators are considering Senate Bill 12, which would allow many state vehicles to be converted to propane and natural gas fuels. The bill was proposed by Democratic Sen. Carolos Uresti in an effort to promote cleaner fuel sources in the state where 30% of the country’s natural gases are located.

The bill calls for using 3% of the funds that have already been set aside for the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan, so there would be no additional cost to implement SB12. If it passes the bill would also provide many local governments with the funds needed to convert vehicles.

The benefits of natural gas and propane-powered vehicles include:

  • Up to 30% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions
  • Up to 75% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions
  • 50% reduction in nitrogen oxide
  • 50% reduction in volatile organic compounds
  • Cheaper than gasoline

Across the state there is already momentum behind the autogas movement. The number of Austin, TX propane vehicles is increasing every year since the local city government decided to switch from gasoline to autogas trucks. There are also propane-powered buses used by the Austin Independent School District. Businesses like SuperShuttle are making the switch to autogas in Houston. There are also 500 maintenance vehicles at the DFW airport that run on natural gas.

Pinnacle Propane already supplies autogas services in many cities throughout Texas, and the company has plans to continue growing. If you need reliable, affordable propane autogas services for your fleet give our experts a call to discuss your options.

Posted: May 14, 2015